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Why I Opened Beard and Blade Grooming Co.
November 23, 2017

I have had many people ask me why I decided to open Beard & Blade Grooming Co. The answer is simple. Shreveport and Bossier City needed a place for men's grooming needs.

When I moved back to the Shreveport area from California in 2016, I quickly realized that there was no actual place where men could go and buy beard grooming or wet shaving accessories. The majority of these items had to be bought online.

Now, while shopping on line may be convenient, it does not allow you to actually experience the various scents of beard oils and balms or shaving soaps. Buying on line also does not allow you to place in your hand a well-crafted safety razor or straight razor. You cannot feel their weight and balance and how well they fit into your hand. In addition, if you buy on line, you have to pay those pesky shipping fees.

I have a wide variety of products ranging from the aforementioned oils, balms, soaps and razors, to pre-shave oils, after shaves, body washes, shampoo, pomades and much, much more.

My store is set up to be a place where men can come and look, smell, feel and just experience the accessories needed to be a well-groomed man. It is a place where men can talk about men’s stuff and not feel embarrassed or intimidated.

Come in, check us out, visit and say hi to 'Ol Buck. You’ll always find him hanging around.